Owner: Panagiotis Kollialis
Location: Attica, Greece
Producing: Pistachios

Family heritage

Midway through 2021 we got to know Panagiotis, we connected via Instagram and from the first moment we spoke together we knew there was a great connection. His devotion to something many people consider as simple, the pistachio, is a true example for the industry. 

Like many other of our producers, Panagiotis did not start his career in agriculture. He studied engineering and the economic crisis in Greece led him and many people around him to new paths. This culminated in 2019 to create Kelyfos. An agricultural company cultivating the seeds and land of his grandfather, over 40+ years in the making. 

The decision to go into the cultivation of pistachios wasn't super obvious, the industry is very competitive and expensive. However, after simply stating to go for one thing: quality, it was decided to let's just go and do it!

Care and love

The focus on quality is leading and Kelyfos is like no other. They want to change the attitude of consumers towards what a pistachio can be. The journey of the pistachio is wholesome, from how Panagiotis cultivates his land up until how the pistachios are packaged. 

This effort has been recognised in the short period of the company existing, chefs and sommeliers are reaching out from all over the world to collaborate. Expositions in Scandinavia followed quickly and Kelyfos is just getting started. 

The name Kelyfos translates to 'hard shell' in Greek. As in nature the hard shell protects the pistachio, Kelyfos' attitude is to do exactly that. To take care of their environment, harvest by hand and immediately seal the pistachio in vacuum packaging to savor all that nature has to offer for your enjoyment. 

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